Maine-African Partnership For Social Justice | P.O. Box 16 | Peaks Island, Maine USA

The Maine African Partnership for Social Justice (MAPSJ) is a 501(3)c non-profit. None of the members of the board receive payment for their services.

The MAPSJ board of directors work with the South Sudanese community in Portland, Maine, high school guidance counselors at Portland High School, administrative staff at Southern Maine Community College, and interested community organizations and individuals who are committed to Progress through Education. Overseas, our board members work in both South Sudan and Uganda.


Recent winners of a full scholarship to Southern Maine Community College

Dr. Charles Radis – President and Medical Director

Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor, Tufts Medical School

Dr. Radis has a long-term commitment to sustainable Public Health educational projects both

in Maine and in Africa.



Kiryandongo UN Refugee Settlement MAPSJ Associate Board Members.

Left to right: Margaret Allo (health coordinator), Benson Komakech (education coordinator), Jackline Lajara (development), Robert Owot (chairperson), Francis Ocaya (secretary and vocational coordinator)

Robert Ambrose Owot is the South Sudan coordinator for MAPSJ services in the Kiryandongo UN refugee settlement in northern Uganda.  He has founded a sister non-profit of the Maine-African Partnership for Social Justice in Uganda, The Partnership for Community Organization,  which seeks to improve refugees lives through education, vocational training, and peace-building.



Daniel Crothers (with daughter Fiona), a co-founder of MAPSJ and third year Ross Medical school student, traveled to South Sudan in 2012 and assisted in the  training of 16 traditional birth attendants through an innovative program developed through the Massachusetts General Hospital. A year later, he helped coordinate a First-Aid training program for 50 villagers in the Kit River Region. He continues as an advisory board member for MAPSJ.


Sandra K Radis,  a clinical social worker, is the treasurer and secretary of the Maine-African Partnership for Social Justice   She is the student liaison for the James Angelo Scholarship for Social Justice.


Chomba Kaluba, a graduate from Bates College, is the James Angelo Scholarship for Social Justice coordinator in Portland, Maine.




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