Maine-African Partnership For Social Justice | P.O. Box 16 | Peaks Island, Maine USA

Mission Statement:

We have two missions at MAPSJ. The first is to award a yearly college scholarship (the James Angelo Memorial Social Justice Scholarship) to African immigrants graduating from Portland High School in Portland, Maine  The second is to provide educational support and Public Health programs to the people of the Kit River Region of South Sudan and to those who have fled to the Kiryandongo  UN refugee settlement in northern Uganda.


  1. In Maine, MAPSJ  sponsors the James Angelo Social Justice Scholarship. Each year since 2008, a first generation African immigrant senior graduating from Portland High School is awarded a full two year scholarship to attend Southern Maine Community College. The scholarship is intended to recognize students with an interest in careers which promote social justice: law, social work, criminal justice, and medicine.
  2. In Africa, MAPSJ develops partnerships with U.S. and African organizations to enhance the delivery of medical and educational services to under-served populations, particularly in the Kit River region of South Sudan and in the Kiryandngo UN Refugee settlement in northern Uganda where many of the Kit River region South Sudanese have fled.