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Why MAPSJ’s Is Committed To Helping The People Of South Sudan who have fled to the UN Kiryandongo refugee settlement in Uganda 

South Sudan, Africa: Where Hard Realities And Humanity Meet

After 20 years of civil war and its devastating effects, South Sudan became a new nation on July 9, 2011. Tragically, within two years, factions within the country renewed long-standing rivalries and the country has descended into political and tribal violence.

Nearly a million (out of an estimated population of nine million) South Sudanese have fled south to Uganda. Many of the villagers from the Kit River region where MAPSJ’s operations were centered are now in the United Nations Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. It is here that our coordinators have renewed their efforts to emphasize peace building, education, and vocational training.


Where In The World Is South Sudan? – A Visual Geography Lesson From MAPSJ

 South Sudan, Africa

South Sudan Capital and Region (Juba, indicated as “A” on map)

Approximate Populations –

Capital City, Juba: 300,000
Central Equatoria: 1.2 million
Eastern Equatoris: 963,000


River Kit Region, Central Equatoria, South Sudan

MAPSJ Training Location, about 60 mi. / 95 km southwest of Juba… along the border of the South Sudan states of Central Equatoria and Eastern Equatoria, near the intersection of the new Juba-Nimule paved highway (A43) and unpaved road that heads northeast to Torit.


South Sudan
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Village in the River Kit Region
Village along the highway, about 60 miles (95 km.) south of the capital city.